WHITEHOUSE STATION, NJ — You can now enjoy your favorite sub or have your late-night food cravings delivered to your door step any time of day or night.

Continuing to redefine fresh convenience, QuickChek has announced that it is partnering with DoorDash to deliver its complete food service menu and make your life easier, whether you’re looking for a meal during the day or a milk shake at midnight.

Delivery is the newest innovation from the Whitehouse Station, NJ-based fresh convenience market chain, following its introduction of in-store self-checkout counters, mobile ordering and its recent curbside pickup options.

“We let you choose your convenience, and with our new partnership with DoorDash, we can deliver whatever you’re in the mood for right to your door, whenever and wherever you want,” said QuickChek CEO Dean Durling.

As part of the launch, your first QuickChek order placed with DoorDash will be delivered free.

Consumers can use the DoorDash mobile app to purchase a full range of QuickChek’s custom-made sub sandwiches and wraps made with the finest seasonal ingredients and freshest meats and cheeses; comfort food such as mac-and-cheese; fresh baked QuickChek snacks including French fries, empanadas, and mozzarella sticks; and handcrafted QuickChek drinks including real fruit smoothies, milk shakes and decadent treats.

Among the most popular items since the delivery rollout began are 12-inch subs, 6-packs of fresh baked QuickChek chocolate chunk cookies and pints of ice cream.

With safe food delivery options paramount during the Covid-19 pandemic, QuickChek has now added a speedy and contactless way for you to enjoy your favorite foods as well as bypass a trip to the supermarket.

“Whether you want to visit your neighborhood store, pick up restaurant-quality food and essential household products at curbside, or have your comfort food cravings delivered, we can provide you with the fast, safe and healthy shopping environment you seek,” said Durling.

QuickChek currently has 161 fresh convenience market locations including 89 stores with fuel throughout New Jersey, New York’s Hudson Valley and Long Island. The family-owned company is recognized as a leader in foodservice innovation.

Providing delivery anywhere you are, DoorDash offers the greatest selection of your favorite local and national restaurants and with its partnership with QuickChek, can fulfill quick-hit food needs, whether it’s comfort food, the Metropolitan area’s best sub, or save you a trip to the grocery store.

To learn more, visit or download the DoorDash app.



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Get your favorite made to order subs, smoothies and espresso drinks in a flash with the QuickChek mobile app. Just download, select your store and place your order. It’ll be ready when you are!