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I accidentally locked my keys and cell phone in the car at your store. One of your Team Members immediately offered his cell phone to call for assistance, and was able to get the door unlocked! Your store offers amazing customer service!


Last week I drove to your store to get air in my tires. Team Member Paige discovered the puncture in the tire, and helped me patch the puncture. What service and courtesy. You guys are awesome!


One night, after shopping in your store I found my battery had died. One of your Team Members helped me reach a mechanic and remedy the situation. I will remain a customer for life!


Team Member Marisol carried a customer's bags to his waiting taxi. He attempted to tip her, but she politely refused. Acts of generosity and courtesy are rare these days, except when you’re at QC!


My son Drew works at QuickChek. When I had to go into the hospital for a few days, Drew’s team covered his shifts so he could take care of me.

Grateful Mom

I will only fill my van up at QuickChek because of Team Member Steve’s courteous and fast service! My kids actually beg to go to his gas pump so they can say hi to “Smiley Guy Mr. Steve!”


I was looking to get a flu shot but no place took my insurance. Then I called your Pharmacy and was there were two doses left. The Pharmacist even cleared the purchase through my insurance!


After two hours in traffic, I had a flat tire and pulled into your store. Team Member Billy helped try to inflate my tire then recommended and introduced me to a nearby tire repair shop. Such amazingly kindness.


I left my wallet at your store during the morning rush. Later that night, two QC Team Members showed up at my friend’s house with my wallet! Evidently, the only ID in the wallet was a check from my friend. What caring service!


I purchased some newspapers with a bunch of $1 singles for payment, not realizing a $20 bill was mixed in. Danielle called to me as I was leaving, to return the extra cash. I am so grateful for her integrity!


I purchased a lottery ticket and accidentally overpaid by $10. Jill noticed this error and quickly repaid me. I really appreciate her honesty.


I am an elderly customer who accidently dropped my wallet in your store. Store Leader Dan found my wallet and delivered it to my home! I am so thankful for his honesty and service!

A Thankful Customer

My husband is a transplant recipient. We couldn’t get his expensive medication from Walgreens, but your Pharmacist, Justin, got it for us and saved us money with an American-made generic version. Thank you to Justin!


As I pulled away from your fuel pumps, I accidentally ran over a cone. Team Member Michael saw that I couldn’t get it unstuck and despite the pouring rain helped me free it! I’m so grateful.


My sister unknowingly dropped her phone in your parking lot. A customer found it, and Team Member Anthony called the contacts until one of them told him it was my sister’s phone. He got it back to her and we are QC fans forever!


My husband recently ran out of gas a mile away from your store. He was also without his wallet, so your Store Leader gave him money from her wallet to pay for the gas to get him home!


I needed air in my nearly flat tire but couldn’t get the cap off of the valve. Your Team helped me, and even put air in all of my tires!


During the blizzard, your team made eight awesome sandwiches for our Public Works crew. Thanks for great service and a job well done!


Administration wanted to provide our staff with warm and nutritious food to keep them going. QuickChek came through with bagels, muffins, mini-loafs and fresh brewed coffee for 75 people!Extremely helpful and delicious!


As I got my morning coffee, I didn’t realize I had dropped my money on the ground. Apparently, another customer picked it up and walked out of the store. Your Store Leader paid for my items with no hesitation. I am so grateful.


Team Member Lisa is never too busy to greet me. When I arrived today, I was visibly upset from an argument I’d just had. Lisa stopped what she was doing to offer me encouragement. Her kindness meant the world to me.


Team Member put a smile on my disabled daughter’s face with extra whip cream on her drink! For the experience, I will drive the extra 20 minutes to your store!


Walking into your store always makes me smile. The staff is friendly and the music is great. I don’t even smell the cream before I use it- it’s always fresh. Keep up the great work!


As I fumbled counting out numerous dimes, nickels and pennies to pay for my order, your cashier was so calm and polite. I really appreciated his patience


I was down on my luck and very upset on Tuesday morning. Your Team Member, Joe, was making jokes and made me laugh. He completely changed my attitude.


I’d had a really horrible evening, and decided to stop for my favorite pretzel sandwich. There were none but Nia made one right away. I felt welcomed, appreciated, and satisfied.


My husband and I get our coffee and breakfast at your store. This morning we were getting fuel as well. Our bank card declined the full purchase. The cashier, Vanesa, insisted on paying for our coffees herself. It was 2 coffees, but it was a huge, compassionate gesture.

The reason I get gas and coffee at QC is because you offer FREE AIR. Your air stations are well-kept and easy to use. Thank you!


My car ran out of gas a few blocks from your store. Your Team Member, Danny, explained how to put gas in the car with the small can I had purchased. His kindness made my challenging morning a bit sweeter.


You’re Always Welcome