QuickChek Fleet Program

The easiest way to save on fuel expenses

The QuickChek Fleet Program offers hassle-free savings on fuel purchases, while helping track, manage and optimize your company’s fleet fuel expenses.

Save On Fuel Expenses!
Monthly Gallons Savings Per Gallon

More Savings at the Pump

  • The more you use, the more you save
  • No monthly program fees
  • Tax exemption available for qualifying customers
Save 10¢/gallon for first 90 days!
Apply Now!

Simplified Reporting

  • Access all data via 24/7 online reporting
  • Receive monthly statements and reporting via web, email, or mail*
  • Exception reporting available
*fee may apply for statements received by mail

Customizable Controls

  • Unique 5-digit driver ID number for enhanced security
  • Eliminate unauthorized purchases with:
    • Per day transaction limits
    • Gallon limits per transaction
    • Time of day and time of week restrictions
    • Fuel product restrictions
    • Easily shut off/request new cards
  • Track mileage/gal for each vehicle for enhanced vehicle maintenance management

Convenient and Easy to Use!

  • Accepted at all QuickChek fuel locations
  • Accepted at any of the 57,000+ Fuelman locations around the country