WHITEHOUSE STATION, N J — QuickChek, which has long enjoyed being named maker of the best coffee in America in a national consumer survey, continues to brew up top rankings from consumers.

In the new “20 Great Coffee Programs for 2021” survey, the iconic convenience store chain finished first in consumer satisfaction among convenience stores in New Jersey.

QuickChek was in the top three convenience chains nationally and among the top six overall quick service restaurant (QSR) coffee retailers nationally.

The survey by Technomic cited retailers for their innovations to retain and draw customers. The survey noted the wide variety of coffees available at the Whitehouse Station, NJ-based chain’s fresh convenience stores, including latte, macchiato and cappuccino, tea, chai, hot chocolate, espresso steamer, Americano and more.

The report, published in CSP magazine, noted QuickChek’s commitment to serving the freshest, most delicious coffee, with every fresh cup made with carefully sourced, locally roasted beans and brewed fresh daily. Seasonal blends are offered, along with ground coffee in bags and K-cups to take home.

The rankings also took notice of QuickChek’s recently introduced fresh brewed iced coffees.


Coffee is the world’s most popular beverage, excluding water. About 1.4 billion cups a day are consumed worldwide. Fifty-two percent of Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee every morning, with 30 percent of the population drinking coffee occasionally.

QuickChek sells more than 20 million cups of coffee each year.

One out of every three QuickChek customers buys a cup of coffee (nearly 40 percent purchase medium-size16 ounces). Thirty-five percent prefer their coffee black. QuickChek’s proprietary guaranteed-fresh regular blend is the overwhelming favorite among the chain’s coffee drinkers. Colombian coffee is the favorite specialty coffee while Hazelnut is their favorite flavored coffee.

For those who prefer to lighten or sweeten their coffee, French Vanilla Creamer claims the top flavor spot among QuickChek customers.

And for pumpkin aficionados, QuickChek was among the first major retailers to offer the hugely popular flavor this year. Hot and Iced QuickChek Pumpkin Spice coffees — rich pumpkin enhanced with an aromatic blend of nutmeg, cinnamon, clove and ginger spice — have been available since August 9 in all QuickChek fresh convenience market store locations throughout New Jersey, New York’s Hudson Valley and Long Island.

First-time users of the QuickChek Rewards mobile app can enjoy a free cup of fresh brewed QuickChek coffee when they download the app at, the Apple Store, or Google Play. Frequent QuicChek Rewards coffee drinkers will receive their ninth coffee free after they purchase eight coffees.



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