Thanksgiving Everyday

Build your own feast with our Thanksgiving Everyday menu. This year, we’re bringing new flavors to the table with the addition of a Portuguese Roll sandwich, Stuffing Bowl, and new homestyle gravy on our Thanksgiving Everyday Sub.

New Recipe! Thanksgiving Everyday Sub

Our Thanksgiving Everyday Sub lets you feast on the holiday flavors you crave, like juicy no-antibiotics-ever turkey, savory stuffing, tangy cranberry, and new homestyle gravy. Available on your choice of bread and heated and melted to perfection.

NEW! Thanksgiving Everyday Portuguese Roll

Introducing the Best Damn Thanksgiving Sandwich! Our Portuguese Roll is topped with layers of juicy turkey meat, tangy cranberry relish, savory stuffing, crumbled Anytime Spuds, and drizzled with homestyle gravy.

NEW! Thanksgiving Everyday Stuffing Bowl

Who says side dishes can’t be a whole meal? Our new Stuffing Bowl tops savory stuffing with crumbled Anytime Spuds, homestyle gravy, and cranberry relish for a dish that’s second to none.

Thanksgiving Everyday Wrap

We fit an entire holiday feast in the palm of your hand! Our Thanksgiving Everyday Wrap is packed with turkey, stuffing, cranberry, and potatoes, all baked to perfection in a tasty tortilla.

Thanksgiving Everyday Soup

Enjoy the flavors of a Thanksgiving feast every day with this comforting combination of tender white turkey meat, wild rice blend, cranberries, cream and a touch of sherry wine. You’re guaranteed to gobble it up!

100% real, totally delicious.