Fresh Snacks

To satisfy any time of day!

Popcorn ChickenWhen you’re Fungry

You don’t need a meal, but you want something small… and fun!

“My wife and I were on our way home and were hungry for something small. We ordered your Ham and Cheese Pretzel Melt and fell in love – it was delicious! Now we go out of our way to find a QuickChek just so we can grab another order. We’re hooked!”


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Fresh Fries

Crispy, Golden French Fries seasoned with your choice of Salt, Salt & Vinegar or Spicy Buffalo!

Chicken Tenders

Boneless chicken tenders served with signature sauces. Nutrition Info

Pretzel Braids and Pretzel Melts

Pretzel Braid
A terrific and appealing alternative to a regular twisted soft pretzel. These uniquely shaped fresh braided pretzels can be served plain or with salt. Nutrition Info

Pizza Melt
Melted Mozzarella, tangy Marinara Sauce, and a hint of Oregano on a Bavarian Pretzel Twist. Nutritional Info

Cheesy Buffalo Melt
Spicy Buffalo Sauce and Mild Swiss on a Bavarian Pretzel Twist. Nutrition Info

Pepperoni & Cheese Pretzel Melt
Freshly sliced mozzarella cheese and Pepperoni toasted on a Bavarian Pretzel Twist. Nutrition Info

Ham & Cheese Pretzel Melt
Boiled Ham layered with Yellow American Cheese toasted on a Bavarian Pretzel Twist. Nutrition Info


8:1 Angus Beef Hot Franks – customize your snack, anytime of the day, with relish, ketchup and mustard. Nutrition Info


Beef and Cheese Nutrition Info

Chicken and Cheese Nutrition Info

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