Mac & Cheese Bowls

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When you’re craving mac, we’ve got your back!

Introducing NEW QuickChek Mac & Cheese! Made with perfectly tender pasta shells smothered in a creamy white cheddar cheese sauce — it’s the ultimate comfort food! Customize your bowl any way you like with your choice of fresh toppings.

And get this… you can have it for breakfast! That’s right. We combined the ooey-gooey richness of our mac with all your breakfast faves.

Come in and try one of our signature recipes here – or build your own creation!

“Everyone in your Union, NJ store is awesome. They all know how much my daughter LOVES your Mac & Cheese! They all exclaim ‘Mac & Cheese!’ when we come into the store – it’s like a little party! You guys make even the little things seem special! Thank you!”


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Mac and Cheese Bowls

Macaroni and cheese

Our signature Mac & Cheese is the ultimate comfort food for BREAKFAST, DINNER and ANYTIME in between– deliciously creamy, packed with cheesy goodness… you pick the special ingredients!


Original –  The ultimate comfort food – shell macaroni and a creamy sauce made with white cheddar cheese. Nutrition Info

Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese Our signature Mac & Cheese paired with breaded chicken and spicy Buffalo Sauce baked to perfection. Buffalo chicken lovers unite! Nutrition Info

Meatball Marina Mac & Cheese Try QuickChek’s spin on a classic dish; Mac & Cheese topped with meatball and marinara sauce, baked just right. Nutrition Info

Cool Fiesta Ranch Mac & Cheese Warm and creamy mac & cheese topped off with the cool crisp combination of lettuce, onions, and olives, drizzled with our Buttermilk Ranch dressing. Nutrition Info

Avocado & Spinach Mac & Cheese Creamy Mac & Cheese combined with fresh avocado and spinach. Nutrition Info

Cheesesteak Mac & Cheese –  Sliced steak and sweet onions on top of a creamy bed of shells and white cheddar cheese.


Egg & Cheese – Our creamy white cheddar and shells topped with fluffy eggs – the perfect start to any morning.

Bacon Mac & Cheese –  Two of America’s favorite items collide in our Bacon Mac & Cheese. Try one today.

Sausage, Egg & Cheese – It’s your favorite breakfast topped on your favorite lunch! Try a Sausage, Egg & Cheese Mac & Cheese today.

Pork Roll, Egg & Cheese – Is there anything more New Jersey than Pork Roll Egg & Cheese? It’s this – Pork Roll and Egg w/ Mac & Cheese.

Ham, Egg & Cheese – 

Steak, Egg & Cheese – 

Chicken, Egg & Cheese – 

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